★★2009第十一屆台北電影節圓滿落幕!精彩畫面請到相簿瞧一瞧 !(點這邊)★★


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目前分類:華人影像精選 (16)

瀏覽方式: 標題列表 簡短摘要

《我的24小時-家庭》My 24 Hours II – Families 

我的24-家庭 My 24 Hours II Families

製片統籌:李四端Lee Sy-duan, 楊順美Yang Shun-mei, 路克史拉克Jean-Luc Slock

2009 / Taiwan / Digibeta / Color / 98min


A five-segment documentary introduces the lives of 5 teenagers from different countries. Sara from Japan carries a portable Shinto shrine. Congolese girl, Vida, lives in a shelter, making a living by performing puppet shows in the street. A Finnish young couple have different plans for life while two Brazilian teens lead polar opposite lives—one from the slum and the other from the rich. As for Zi-yun and Guan-de in Taiwan – she wishes to meet her favorite celebrity while he is missing his mom.

7/02() 新三 15.30

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《外賣》Take Out 

外賣 Take Out  trailerbar2.jpg

西恩.貝克 Sean Baker, 鄒時擎 Tsou Shih-ching

2008 / USA / Digibeta / Color / 87min


Ming Ding is an illegal Chinese immigrant working as a deliveryman for a Chinese take-out shop in New York City. In order to pay off his debt to the smugglers who brought him to the US, he needs to make more than double his average daily income. Throughout the upper Manhattan neighborhood where social and economic extremes exist side by side, the film presents a harsh and realistic look at the daily lives of illegal Chinese immigrants nowadays.

6/28() 新三 13.00 售完!

7/09() 新三 10.20

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《台北異想》Taipei 24H 

台北異想 Taipei 24H  trailerbar2.jpg

鄭芬芬 Cheng Feng-feng, 鈕承澤 Niu Cheng-zer, 許榕容 Debbie Hsu, 程孝澤 Cheng Hsiao-tse, 李啟源 Lee Chi Yuarn, 陳映蓉 Chen Yin-jung, 安哲毅 An Je-yi, 李康生 Lee Kang-sheng

2009 / Taiwan / Digibeta / Color / 94min


Dividing 24 hours in Taipei into 8 segments, 8 filmmakers depict a day in Taipei. It opens with Cheng Fen-fen's upbeat and comic Share the Morning, and has Li Kang-sheng running the final leg of this "relay" with Remembrance at 4am, with Tsai Ming-liang making a rare screen appearance visiting the final night of a coffee shop. In between, Miao Miao's Cheng Hsiao-tse tells a puppy-love story, and DJ Chen's Dream Walker takes a magical ride on Taiwan's subway.

6/30() 新三 16.00 售完!


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《一八九五》Blue Brave 

一八九五 Blue Brave  trailerbar2.jpg

洪智育 HUNG Chih-yu

2008 / Taiwan / 35mm / Color / 110min


Xianmei Huang was kidnapped years ago by a robber, but when she was finally released and got home, nobody believed in her chastity. Tangxing Wu married her, regardless of all the opposed opinions. Ten years later, Taiwan was ceded to Japan after the ino-Japanese War. Tangxing led the Hakka militiamen to fight the Japanese troops. Then the militia was annihilated. By the end of this fierce battle, Taiwan was officially colonized.

7/06() 新二 16.00  


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《機動部隊-同袍》Tactical Unit – Comrades In Arms 

機動部隊同袍 Tactical Unit Comrades In Arms  trailerbar2.jpg

羅永昌 LAW Wing-cheong

2009 / HK / 35mm / Color / 90min

2009 香港電影節


In a police squad, you never know whether your colleague is your friend or foe. Sam and May have been partners, but they never get along. Now they’ll have to go into the mountains to search for a group of armed robbers. In the deepest mountains, they spot the hiding place of these illegal immigrants. But each of them loses a teammate in chaos. With different opinions on the rescue, will they put aside their prejudice and work hand in hand?

7/03() 新二 23.10

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《證人》The Beast Stalker 

證人 The Beast Stalker  trailerbar2.jpg

林超賢 Dante LAM

2008 / HK / 35mm / Color / 109min

2008 香港電影評論學會最佳男演員 / 2009 柏林影展 / 2009 香港電影金像獎最佳男主角、最佳男配角


Sergeant Tong Fei kills the eldest daughter of the prosecutor Ann Gao by accident while capturing a suspect named Cheung Yat-tung. Ann tries really hard to bring Cheung to justice. But before the trial, Ann’s younger daughter, Ling, is kidnapped. Ann is asked to drop all the charges against Cheung in exchange of her daughter’s freedom. Tong and Ann never get along, but they finally decide to work together to get Ling back.

6/26() 新二 21.20

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《麥收》Wheat Harvest 

麥收 Wheat Harvest

徐童 XU Tong

2008 / China / Digibeta / Color / 98min

2009 雲之南紀錄影像展觀眾票選最佳影片


In June when the wheat is about to ripe, she returns home from Beijing to Hebei. Her father is lying severely ill in bed. Earlier, we see this country girl of barely 20 years old in a corner of her life as a prostitute. Now her father is critically ill. She’s given most of her money to her family, ready to go back to Beijing…Time flies by, and the wheat is about to ripe again. But the constant raining makes it impossible to harvest…

7/09() 新三 21.30 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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《完美生活》Perfect Life 

完美生活 Perfect Life  trailerbar2.jpg

唐曉白 Emily Tang

2008 / China, HK / Digibeta / Color / 97min

2008 威尼斯影展 / 2009 香港電影節亞洲數碼錄像競賽單元金獎 / 2009 鹿特丹影展


Yueying Li, 21, leaves her hometown for a job and a better future. But when she finally steps outside of her closed world, she faces difficulties in life. Yet, she chooses to linger. Jenny as well left her inland country hometown to work. She marries a Hong Kong cook, but wants a divorce when she finally arrives in Hong Kong. These two girls cross their roads at one point in their adventures, but they have absolutely no idea that the other one exists.

7/06() 新三 13.00 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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《再見烏托邦》Night of an Era 

再見烏托邦 Night of an Era  trailerbar2.jpg

盛志民 SHENG Zhi-min

2008 / China, HK / Digibeta / Color / 89min

2009 香港電影節


Xiao Ke dropped school to join a rock band. 8 years later, he died of overdose at 24. Xiao Chang has been properly trained in music, but his parents can barely make ends meet. He works part-time in Beijing and meets several famous rockers. Back home, he realizes he’s different from the others. Xiao Ke’s father is the first pop music editor in China. After his son died, he led a simple life with his wife. What changed the course of China’s rock music?

7/03() 新三 21.00 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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《老年男女》Mr.Jia and His Friends   

老年男女 Mr.Jia and His Friends

訾瀚 ZI Han

2009 / China / Digibeta / Color / 90min

2008 中國獨立影像年度展 / 2009 雲之南記錄影像展


In Shandong Province, a matchmaking agency hosts occasionally parties especially for the elderly singles to offer them a second chance to find another true love and companion. In want of a younger woman, 84-year-old Jia always claims himself to be only 54. Qian, 77, who lost her husband two years ago, is said to be the most beautiful woman with lots of wooers in the agency. Here, with the help of this agency, their dreams will finally come true…

7/01() 新三 11.00

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《滾拉拉的槍》Lala’s Gun

滾拉拉的槍 Lala’s Gun  trailerbar2.jpg

寧敬武 NING Jing-wu

2008 / China / 35mm / Color / 97min


In the primeval forest of the southwestern China lives the Miao tribe. A boy named Lala lives with his grandmother. Traditionally, every boy will receive a gun from his father upon his adulthood. What worries Lala is he’s never seen his father. So Lala begins to search for him, but soon he realizes that he has to return. When he learns that he was an orphan, he loves and appreciates his grandmother even more. But will he get a gun in time?

6/27() 新二 19.30 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

6/30() 新二 18.30 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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扎賚諾爾 Jalainur  trailerbar2.jpg

趙曄 ZHAO Ye

2008 / China / Digibeta / Color / 92min

2008 釜山影展費比西獎 / 2009 鹿特丹影展競賽單元


Old Zhu, approaching retirement age, is a steam engine driver in the Jalainur coal mines while his apprentice Li Zhizhong is a signalman. They’ve been working together for years, inseparable both at work and in life. One day, Zhizhong is stunned to find that Old Zhu left earlier to visit his daughter at the border. Zhizhong follows Old Zhu, but decides to leave when Old Zhu’s daughter and son-in-law show up. Zhizhong misses the return train and lingers on around the border.

6/26() 新三 11.00

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《流离》Floating In Memory 

流离 Floating In Memory

彭韜 PENG Tao

2009 / China / Digibeta / Color / 107min

2009 鹿特丹影展競賽單元 / 2009 布拉格國際電影節


Xiu,17 , comes to a small town to work from her home in distant mountains. She meets Jinqiang in a disco pub. They get closer than they should be. But she never expects Jinqiang to be a pimp who seduces underage girls to be prostitutes to make money for him. And Xiu is Jinqiang’s new target. When Xiu is pregnant, Jinqiang is nowhere to be found. The owners of a shoe shop give her money to keep her baby for them to adopt…

7/01() 新三 19.00 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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《水上人家》River People 

水上人家 River People

何建軍 HE Jian-Jun

2008 / China / Digibeta / Color / 88min

2008 釜山影展


Haoshan Shan, a middle-aged boatman, has been fishing along Yantze River, Wei River and Yellow River over a span of 40 years. While others are illiterate, Shan’s teenaged child, Baowa, is the only one that knows how to read and write. Baowa yearns for a getaway from home and furtively starts his part-time job in town. But the boatman is sure that as long as the Yellow River exists, Baowa will eventually return.

6/26() 新三 20.20

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《河上的愛情》Cry Me A River 

河上的愛情 Cry Me A River

賈樟柯 JIA Zhang-ke

2008 / China, Spain, France / Digibeta / Color / 15min

2009 香港電影節


The two couples were once in love when they were classmates in college. Ten years after graduation, they reunite again, but time hasn’t alienated them at all. They still quarrel over those ten-year-old topics. They haven’t forgotten their past but don’t have enough courage to face the buried feelings for each other. Their lost love is like the seemingly silent but turbulent streams underneath, flowing like a maze and holding on tightly to their secrets.

6/26() 新三 20.20

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《中國已遠-安東尼奧尼與中國》China Is Far Away – Antonioni and China 

中國已遠–安東尼奧尼與中國 China Is Far Away Antonioni and China

劉海平 LIU Hai-ping

2008 / China / Betacam / Color / 135min



This is a documentary that pays homage to the master Antonioni, a masterpiece amongst all his films. The master once said, “I respect and love China.” He concentrated himself in painting after retirement. His pieces of arts resemble the traditional Chinese ink paintings, the landscapes in both of which are surprisingly alike. With his documentaries, he filled in the blanks in the history of China. But as the master comes closer to us through a documentary, he gets farther and farther away from us.

6/28() 新三 16.00

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