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週末魘狂熱 Tony Manero  trailerbar2.jpg

帕布羅.拉瑞恩 Pablo Larrain

2008 / Brazil, Chile / 35mm / Color / 98min

2008坎城影展導演雙週單元 / 2008哈瓦那影展最佳影片、最佳男演員


Santiago de Chile, 1978. In the midst of the tough social context of Pinochet’s dictatorship, Raúl Peralta, a man in his fifties, is obsessed with the idea of impersonating Tony Manero, John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever. When the national television announces a Tony Manero impersonating contest, he knows it’s an opportunity for him to achieve his dream: being a successful showbiz star. It is a story about loss, identity and obsession in the recent Chilean history.

7/02(四) 中山 19.30

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一半豔陽,一半藍天 Raging Sun, Raging Sky  trailerbar2.jpg

朱利安.赫南德茲 Julián Hernández

2009 / Mexico / 35 mm / B&W, Color / 191min

2009 柏林影展泰迪熊獎


The story of two men who love each other but refuse to become attached to both the spatial and temporal. Yet they are trapped in an eternity dictated by the essence of their reasons of being, which will take them on a journey that transcends the real world while other forces join to enforce and modify their vital acts.

6/28(日) 新二 20.50

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小雨來的時候 Rain

瑪莉亞‧歌芬 Maria Govan

2008 / Bahamas / Digibeta / Color / 93min

2008 多倫多影展 / 2008 巴哈馬影展觀眾票選最佳影片 / 2009 首爾女性影展


Rain is a spirited 14-year-old who, after her grandmother’s death, forgoes her sheltered home on Ragged Island to seek out her estranged mother in Nassau. Her dreams of a loving reconciliation are quickly shattered when she meets Glory, a drug-addicted prostitute bearing no resemblance to a mother. Confronted by unforeseeable trials, Rain’s deeply rooted spirit brings two allies into her life: an inspiring track coach and a charming, rebellious teenage neighbor. In time, Rain’s spirit and talent take her to unimaginable heights.

7/01(三) 新三 13.00

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煉獄三重奏 Purgatory

羅伯托.羅金 Roberto Rochín

2008 / Mexico / 35mm / B&W, Color / 86min

2009 安卡拉國際影展


A collection of tales by ghosts telling stories about the moments when they died. Wondering by the door between Life and Death, you are neither dead nor alive, but sort of in a limbo. The film spells out the loneliness and sadness, passion and remorse, love and violence that haunted the characters’ lives. The common folk tales may be frivolous, but what can be more humane than the realization of dying?

7/05(日) 新二 19.00

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我的寂寞花園 Parque Via  trailerbar2.jpg

安歷奎.瑞維洛 Enrique RIVERO

2008 / Mexico / 35mm / Color / 86min

2008 盧卡諾影展金豹獎、費比西獎 / 2008 墨西哥 FICCO 影展最佳拉美影片、觀眾票選最佳影片


It is a collection of tales about ghosts that have lived and died and told their stories at the moment of their death. When a door opens to another world where you’re neither dead nor alive, but sort of in a Limbo. The loneliness, sadness, passion, love, remorse, and violence that surrounded the characters lives, spells out in the film. Lives of common folk, simple, unimportant, quiet and very human, because what’s more human than the realization of dying?

7/02(四) 中山 16.30 ★(導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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《好戲開鍘》Meet the Head of Juan Pérez   

好戲開鍘 Meet the Head of Juan Pérez

艾米里歐.波特斯 Emilio Portes

2008 / Mexico / 35mm / Color / 87min

2008 墨西哥FICG電影節最佳首作、最佳女演員


Away from his body, the severed head of Juan Pérez recalls what led him to lose his head. After a dreadful economic crisis, and in order to keep his place in his beloved circus, Juan Pérez promises a sensational beheading act that could certainly bring the glory back to the big top. With the clock ticking and no money to build an artifact like this, the magician is forced to steal an original Guillotine, without knowing that it carries a deadly curse.

7/06(一) 中山 16.30

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女僕 The Maid  trailerbar2.jpg

賽巴斯丁‧西瓦 Sebastián Silva

2009 / Chile / 35mm / Color / 96min

2009 日舞影展評審團大獎、評審團特別獎-最佳演出 / 2009 鹿特丹影展 / 2009 墨西哥FICG電影節費比西獎


Raquel has been working as a maid for an affluent Chilean family for 23 years. Having a sense of belonging with the family, she refuses any additional help from the new maids for they are considered as threat to her standing. Raquel drives the newcomer away with cruel and childish psychological abuse since she holds power over her mistress, Pilar. One day, a cheerful woman from the countryside, Lucy, is hired when Raquel suffers from her chronic migraine in bed…

7/02(四) 中山 13.30 ★(導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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命運繼承人 The Inheritors  trailerbar2.jpg

艾格尼歐.波高斯基 Eugenio Polgovsky

2008 / Mexico / Digibeta / Color / 90min

2008 威尼斯影展 / 2009 柏林影展 Generation Kplus 競賽單元 / 2009 墨西哥金像獎最佳紀錄片、最佳剪輯


At an early age, a group of children began to work in the Mexican countryside. The Inheritors is a portrait of their lives and their daily struggle for survival. These children work on farming, carving wooden alebrijes, shepherding, making bricks, weaving cloth, looking after their little siblings, collecting water and harvesting crops. They have inherited tools and techniques from their ancestors, as well as their day-by-day hardships. Generations pass and child workers remain captive in a cycle of inherited poverty.

7/06(一) 新三 11.00

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眾神的黃昏 Dioses  trailerbar2.jpg

約書亞.曼德斯 Josué Méndez

2008 / Argentina, France, Germany, Peru / 35 mm / Color / 91min

2008多倫多影展 / 2008盧卡諾影展國際競賽單元 / 2008拉丁美洲電影節最佳影片


Diego and his sister Andrea spend the summer in the family villa together with their father and his new young girlfriend. Torn between the extreme love for his sister and the difficult relationship with his father, spending days and nights together with his friends going from party to party where alcohol, drugs and money are not a problem, Diego struggles to find a place in this upper-class society where all characters behave as gods: beyond rules, beyond morality and beyond belief.

7/04(六) 中山 11.00

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切格瓦拉滿天下 Chevolution

崔夏.吉芙 Trisha Ziff, 路易士.羅培茲 Luis Lopez

2008 / Mexico, UK, USA / Digibeta / B&W, Color / 86min

2008紐約翠貝卡影展 / 2008美國電影學會紀錄片影展


In 1960, a Cuban photographer captured a photo of Ernesto “Che” Guevara during a mass funeral. History conspired to highly publicize this dynamic portrait in 1968. In the last decade, with the establishment of the Internet, the image has once again traveled the globe in many forms. Chevolution explores how the Che image travelled from Korda’s studio in Havana to the streets of Europe and beyond; meanwhile, it investigates how this portrait with its enigmatic gaze became a symbol for countless visions for change.

6/28(日) 新三 11.00

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豆花男之吻 Acne  trailerbar2.jpg

費德里克‧維羅吉 Federico VEIROJ

2008 / Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay / 35mm / Color / 87min

2008 坎城影展 / 2008 洛杉磯國際影展評審團大獎


Rafael,13 ,has already lost his virginity, but has never kissed a girl. With his pimple-riddled face, his dysfunctional family, and a low self-esteem, having much anticipation for a first kiss proves trickier than expected. His absent parents give him plenty of pocket money and he spends it on a local prostitute, but he will not kiss anyone. And so, Rafael redirects his attention toward his beautiful classmate, Nicole. It's now time to build up some self confidence and attract her attention...

7/08(三) 新二 19.00

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