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《原鄉陌路》Yuri's Day  

原鄉陌路 Yuri's Day  trailerbar2.jpg

基里爾賽勒布倫尼科夫 Kirill SEREBRENNIKOV

2008 / Germany, Russia / 35mm / Color / 130min

2008 盧卡諾影展 / 2008 華沙國際影展最佳影片 / 2009 鹿特丹影展


The successful opera diva Lyuba takes a last trip to the remote town of Yuriev in the middle of nowhere. Wanting to sell all her property here she uses the opportunity to show her adolescent son Andrey, where she grew up in order to finally leave her hometown behind forever. Mother and son wander aimlessly through the streets of this alienated place until something unforeseen happens and Andrey disappears mysteriously.

7/03() 中山 11.00

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《沒問題俠客修理世界》The Yes Men Fix the World  

沒問題俠客修理世界 The Yes Men Fix the World trailerbar2.jpg


安迪畢裘邦Andy BICHLBAUM, 麥克波南諾Mike BONANNO, 科特恩費爾Kurt ENGFEHR

2009 / USA / Digibeta / Color / 85min

2009 柏林影展觀眾票選最佳影片 / 2009 日舞影展


Equally shocking and hilarious, The Yes Men Fix The World is directed by The Yes Men (Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno) in collaboration with Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911 editor Kurt Engfehr, who co-directs. Through this blistering feature documentary, we nervously follow the daring political pranks of two gonzo activists as they take on the fake identity of corporate executives in a bid to highlight the greed and brutal selfishness of some of the world’s biggest and most powerful multi-national corporations.

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《沒問題俠客》The Yes Men  

沒問題俠客 The Yes Men  trailerbar2.jpg

奧爾曼Dan Ollman, 莎拉普萊斯Sarah Price, 克里斯史密斯Chris Smith

2003 / USA / Digibeta / Color / 83min

2004柏林影展 / 2004美國喜劇電影節最佳紀錄片 / 2004阿姆斯特丹紀錄片影展觀眾票選獎


Andy and Mike set up a spoof website modeled on that of the WTO. Some visitors send invitations meant for the real thing. They gleefully play along with the ruse and find themselves attending important functions as official WTO representatives. Delighted to speak as the organization they oppose, they set out to shock their unwitting audiences with outrageous, darkly comic satires on global free trade. Weirdly, the experts don’t notice the joke and seem to agree with whatever appalling idea.

6/27() 新三 16.30 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

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《不能飛的鳥》The Wingless Swallow 

不能飛的鳥 The Wingless Swallow  trailerbar2.jpg

小出正 Masayuki Koide

2009 / Japan, Taiwan / 35mm /Color / 25min


Yuan is a young female illustrator. She became famous right after her first book was published. Then the publisher wants her to add more family stuff to her second work. However, she comes from a single-parent family, never knowing what it is like to have a family with both parents. That’s when she decides to look for her inspiration in a remote library, in search of her lost memories at the same time…

6/28() 新三 13.00 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)(非英語發音且無英文字幕)售完!


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《愁男卡拉OK》Three Wise Men 

愁男卡拉ok  Three Wise Men

米卡郭利斯馬基 Mika Kaurismäki

2008 / Finland / 35mm / Color / 95min

2008 釜山影展 / 2008 多倫多影展 / 2008 愛沙尼亞國際影展最佳男演員


Matti , a police inspector, Erkki, a photographer, and Rauno, an actor, are childhood

friends who lost touch growing up. They meet coincidentally on a Christmas Eve in Helsinki and spend the night together in a karaoke bar. Amid drinking and singing, they tell about the joys and sorrows of their lives, revealing some painful experiences, and even tearing their friendship apart. When a mysterious woman enters the bar, the events take a dramatic turn.

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《抵擋太平洋的堤壩》The Sea Wall 

抵擋太平洋的堤壩 The Sea Wall  trailerbar2.jpg

禮德 Rithy Panh

2008 / Belgium, Cambodia, France / 35mm / Color / 115min

2008多倫多影展 / 2009香港電影節


Indochina 1931, the Siam Golf. A small family strives against destitution. The mother realizes that the departure of her two grown children, Joseph 20 and Suzanne 16, is ineluctable. Deceived by the colonial administration, she invests all of her savings in worthless, regularly flooded farmland. Driven to fight against the corrupted bureaucrats who conned her, she puts into place a crazy scheme: building a dam against the sea with the help of the villagers...

6/27() 中山 19.30

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《澳洲B片真牛B》Not Quite Hollywood 

澳洲B片真牛b  Not Quite Hollywood  trailerbar2.jpg

馬克哈特利 Mark Hartley

2008 / Australia, USA / 35mm / Color / 102min

2008多倫多影展 / 2008澳洲電影學會最佳紀錄片 / 2009香港電影節


Free-wheelin’ sex romps! Bloodsoaked terror tales! High-octane action extravaganzas! They’re the main ingredients of Not Quite Hollywood, the first detailed examination and celebration of Australian genre cinema of the 70s and 80s. Full of outrageous anecdotes, a large cast of local and International names and a genuine, infectious love of Australian movies, this is a fast-moving journey through an unjustly forgotten cinematic era that was unashamedly packed full of boobs, pubes, tubes… and even a little kung fu.

6/28() 中山 16.00

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《我的陽光》My Only Sunshine 

我的陽光 My Only Sunshine  trailerbar2.jpg

雷哈艾丹 Reha Erdem

2008 / Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey / 35mm / Color / 121min

2008 土耳其安塔利亞影展特別獎 / 2009 柏林影展每日鏡報讀者獎 / 2009 新加坡電影節


Hayat, her father and bedridden grandfather live in a riverside shack near the dangerously dark but breathtakingly beautiful waters of the Bosphorus. Hayat's father owns a small boat that secures the family's survival through a miscellany of not always lawful ventures. Hayat's life is harsh and unrelenting, but she has an instinct for survival. Her capacity for courage, endurance and hope in the face of these trials suggest that there is life despite the manifold injustice of an unjust world.

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《媽咪去洗頭》Mommy is at the Hairdresser's   

媽咪去洗頭 Mommy is at the Hairdresser's  trailerbar2.jpg

蕾雅普爾 Léa POOL

2008 / Canada / 35mm / Color / 97min

2008 釜山影展 / 2009 鹿特丹影展


It’s summer 1966. Time to enjoy summer vacation, total freedom, running wild in the fields, and crazy giggles with friends. Bust as she becomes more aware of the dreams, Elise sees her mother’s sudden abandonment thoroughly disrupt her family. While her brother, Coco, stubbornly seeks refuge in constructing a super car, the youngest, Benoît, plummets deep into his own internal world, retreating even further in the furnace room. As for her father, he is simply overwhelmed by the situation…

7/02() 新二 22.00

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《大世界小女兵》Little Soldier 

大世界小女兵 Little Soldier  trailerbar2.jpg

安妮特歐森 Annette K. Olesen

2008 / Denmark / 35mm / Color / 100min



After another mission abroad, the young female soldier, Lotte returns home, disillusioned with life. All her life, she has wanted attention from her father. But he offers her a job as a chauffeur for his Nigerian girlfriend, Lily. Reluctant at first, a new bizarre everyday begins and slowly the two women get to know each other. Lotte learns that Lily is working as a prostitute to support her little girl back in Nigeria, and things take an unexpected turn.

6/27() 中山 16.00

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《蕾拉過生日》Laila's Birthday 

蕾拉過生日 Laila's Birthday  trailerbar2.jpg

拉希德馬什拉維 Rashid Masharawi

2008 / Netherlands, Palestine, Tunisia, / 35mm / Color / 72min

2008多倫多影展 / 2008倫敦電影節


Abu Laila used to be a judge, but now he needs to find another job because the government doesn’t have the means to pay him anymore. Driving the vehicle he borrows - a taxi, Abu has to complete today’s missions, getting to a law firm to request an offer and bringing back a birthday cake for his daughter, Laila, who turns ten years old today. However, turning into a taxi driver in Palestine is not what Abu expects…

6/26() 新二 19.30

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盲劍 Ichi  trailerbar2.jpg

曾利文彥 Fumihiko Sori

2008 / Japan / 35mm / Color / 120min

2008 日刊體育報最佳女主角獎 / 2008 加泰隆尼亞影展最佳亞洲電影


Ichi, a Japanese minstrel, is on a journey to search for the man who brought her up. People try to take advantage of the fact that she is blind, but Ichi fights back with her unusual skills of swords inside her walking stick. An incident brings her to meet Toma, who tries to save Ichi from a fight but ends up being saved by Ichi instead. The two start to travel together and come upon a village led by the inhuman heartless Banki…

6/29() 新二 13.30 ★ ▲

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《漂丿男子漢2》Crows Zero II 

漂丿男子漢2 Crows Zero II  trailerbar2.jpg

三池崇史 Takashi Miike

2009 / Japan / 35mm / Color / 133min


Genji and his victorious G.P.S. alliance find themselves facing a new challenge by the students of Hosen Academy. The two schools, in fact, have a history of bad blood between them. Now, the simmering hatred is about to flare up again. Mobilizing around a new leader, Narumi Taiga, Hosen Academy prepares to re-open old wounds with an all-out assault on Suzuran High School.

6/27() 新三 21.30

6/29() 新三 19.00

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《人骨旅店》The Bone Man  

人骨旅店 The Bone Man  trailerbar2.jpg

沃夫岡曼寧伯格 Wolfgang Murnberger

2008 / Austria / 35mm / Color / 121min



A man called Horvath has vanished. The last leasing instalment for his car has not been paid. Reluctantly, Brenner agrees to a request from his old friend Berti’s task of bringing back Horvath‘s vehicle. The trip leads him straight to the Löschenkohl, a country restaurant with a fine reputation for roast chicken. The only sign of Horvath that Brenner finds is a glimpse of his leased car – which soon vanishes without a trace…

7/05() 中山 16.30

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凱薩琳布蕾亞之藍鬍子 Bluebeard

凱薩琳布蕾 Catherine Breillat

2009 / France / Digibeta / Color / 80min



Fairy tales often have main characters who are sort of serial killers: in other words, ogres. But Bluebeard is its symbolic figure. In the 1950s, it was Catherine’s favorite tale when she fantasizes about being Princess Marie-Catherine, Bluebeard’s last wife. She manages to escape the fate of all those he hung before her because she is the virgin princess that the ogre cannot make up his mind to kill. This hesitation spells fatal doom for the ogre.

6/26() 新三 22.40

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貝拉米犯罪事件簿 Bellamy  trailerbar2.jpg

克勞德夏布洛 Claude Chabrol

2008 / France / 35mm / Color / 110min



Police chief Paul Bellamy spends his vacation at the family estate of his wife Francoise, despite her dreams of sailing the seven seas on a cruise ship. And this year, he has two excuses to stay put: the unexpected arrival of his half-brother Jacques, a rambling fellow with a drinking problem, and a man on the run who shows up, demanding Bellamy’s protection. Paul ends up giving them much of his time and efforts…

6/29() 中山 13.30

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《幸福的彼端》All Around Us 

幸福的彼端 All Around Us  trailerbar2.jpg  

橋口亮輔 Ryosuke Hashiguchi

2008 / Japan / 35mm / Color / 140min

2008 多倫多影展 / 2009 柏林影展 / 2009 日本藍絲帶獎最佳女主角、最佳新人

法庭裡描繪犯人圖像的畫家,每天要面對偵查庭中的無情嫌犯,回到家又得面對精神崩潰的妻子,夫妻兩人歷經彼此的創痛,在相互扶持之中,重燃光明與希望。《20歲的微熱》導演橋口亮輔,結合初登大銀幕的木村多江,與《東京鐵塔:老媽和我,有時還有老爸》作者Lily Franky,以橫跨日本十年間的社會變遷與家庭深情,帶給你前所未有的感動。

Kanao, a courtroom portrait artist, silently observes the highest profile crimes and scandals of the 1990s and the decline of Japanese values. At home in joys of marriage, he quietly observes his wife’s first pregnancy. When their child dies, the couple is shaken by the tragedy but Kanao manages to stand by his wife as she sinks into depression. He calmly guides her towards recovery during this grueling experience. As they endure, hope slowly unfolds and their love story flickers to life once again.

6/30() 中山 19.30 ★ ▲(導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)(非英語發音且無英文字幕)

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愛慕拼圖 Adoration  trailerbar2.jpg

艾騰伊格言 Atom Egoyan

2008 / Canada / 35mm / Color / 100min

2008 坎城影展天主教人道精神獎 / 2008 多倫多影展 / 2009 香港電影節


The film speaks to our connections---with each other, with our family history, with technology and with the modern world. Simon, a high school student, re-imagines that a news item is his family's story, with the terrorist standing in for his dead father. As he uses his new persona to participate in the virtual communities on the Internet, it triggers an avalanche of public attention. Sabine, the school teacher, is determined to find out the truth...

6/27() 中山 11.00

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