《麥收》Wheat Harvest 

麥收 Wheat Harvest

徐童 XU Tong

2008 / China / Digibeta / Color / 98min

2009 雲之南紀錄影像展觀眾票選最佳影片


In June when the wheat is about to ripe, she returns home from Beijing to Hebei. Her father is lying severely ill in bed. Earlier, we see this country girl of barely 20 years old in a corner of her life as a prostitute. Now her father is critically ill. She’s given most of her money to her family, ready to go back to Beijing…Time flies by, and the wheat is about to ripe again. But the constant raining makes it impossible to harvest…

7/09() 新三 21.30 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)

7/11() 新三 16.00 (導演或影人出席映前或映後座談)


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