扎賚諾爾 Jalainur  trailerbar2.jpg

趙曄 ZHAO Ye

2008 / China / Digibeta / Color / 92min

2008 釜山影展費比西獎 / 2009 鹿特丹影展競賽單元


Old Zhu, approaching retirement age, is a steam engine driver in the Jalainur coal mines while his apprentice Li Zhizhong is a signalman. They’ve been working together for years, inseparable both at work and in life. One day, Zhizhong is stunned to find that Old Zhu left earlier to visit his daughter at the border. Zhizhong follows Old Zhu, but decides to leave when Old Zhu’s daughter and son-in-law show up. Zhizhong misses the return train and lingers on around the border.

6/26() 新三 11.00

7/01() 新三 21.50



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