《「我說啊,」我說。》The Soliloquist 

「我說啊,」我說。 The Soliloquist

馬匡霈 MA Kuang-pei

2008 / Taiwan / 35mm / Color / 6min


In his lonesome days, a heart-broken man receives letters and parcels marked by “unknown address”. Not knowing what to do, he starts reading the letters. As the undeliverable mails pile up, he falls in love with an imagined other.

《瘋狂吸乳星球》Mammal Planet 

瘋狂吸乳星球 Mammal Planet

林師丞 LIN Shin-chen

2009 / Taiwan / Betacam / B&W / 7min


Two species, the Cattle and the Ape, dwell on a planet with a big machine which needs energy to produce the Apes’ favorite food: cream. In order to get more cream, the Apes exploit the Cattles until the latter die out. But the Apes can’t stop their ever–growing desire…


蕃茄醬 Ketchup  trailerbar2.jpg

呂文忠 LU Wen-chung

2009 / Taiwan, USA / Betacam / Color / 11min


In a small village, a young boy and his family in deep struggle to grow tomatoes that are ripe and juicy enough to be made into ketchup. It turns out only human blood is the only fertilizer to yield good result. A story conveys the correlation between greed and productivity.


《邊緣的愛》The Edge of Love 

邊緣的愛 The Edge of Love

劉乃瑋 LIU Nai-wei

2009 / Taiwan / Betacam / Color / 8min


Like they all say, it's hard to find true love. A relationship is doomed to fail when a knife falls in love with an apple. Just as the knife is ready to declare his love, a tragic end ensues. Will something as sharp as a knife ever find true love?

《金魚藻》Bye bye Goldfish 

金魚藻 Bye bye Goldfish

吳宜瑾 WU Yi-jin

2008 / Taiwan / Digibeta / Color / 6min


The little girl’s beloved goldfish dies because of her lack of care. A shadow of guilt lies deeply in her heart. One day in the pool, the grown-up girl encounters the goldfish and herself from the past. She then turns into a fairy to save herself from the guilt.

《早安 蟲類》Good Morning insects 

早安 蟲類 Good Morning Insects

黃佩荃 HUAng Pei-chung

2009 / Taiwan / Digibeta / Color / 7min


The story occurs in a bleak world. An old man who collects live specimen finds a fascinating insect on hunt. The insects lead him into a fantasy world where he becomes a prey instead.

《躁鬱之心》An Unquiet Mind 

躁鬱之心 An Unquiet Mind

羅志文 LO Chih-wen

2008 / Taiwan, USA / Digibeta / Color / 6min

2008 坎城影展短片單元


Inspired by Kay Redfield Jamison's book, An Unquiet Mind, the film is Shuei’s mercurial journey of mood swings and deep restlessness. He witnesses his body in a coffin in Samsara, a place where life is a cycle of death and rebirth.

《親愛的小胖》Dear Fatty 

親愛的小胖 Dear Fatty   trailerbar2.jpg

曾心怡 Tseng Hsin-i

2008 / USA / Digibeta / Color / 7min



A little girl is writing a letter to her pet hamster “Fatty”, who meets lots of animals during her travels and learns about the world. This fantasy story consists of animated characters move before a collage of backgrounds.



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